Pully Magnetic Phone Holder



Pully is the first magnetic holder for mobile phones
on market. Our team worked 1 year on the
development, testing and pre-sales and today,
it is available to all.

In November 2016, we presented the video
on Kickstarter – on this page we have all the
Information on collective financing – and today,
We have all units delivered to more than 30 countries.

It’s manufacturing and consists of only 4 components:
– Neodymium magnet, Class N52;
– ABS plastic base;
– Silicone elastic;
– Adhesive metal plate.

Compatible with tubes, steering wheels and handlebars
of diameters between 22.2 and 38.0mm.

Despite the force of attraction between the plate and the
magnet to be able to handle more than 25lb, the product
does not offer any risk to the equipment. Only
the compass function may be affected when the phone
is attached to Pully, but returns to normal when
distanced. The vast majority of newer cell phones
(launched after 2014), has all its components –
Memory, processing, display, touch-screen –
Immune to variations in the magnetic field.

Pully is compatible with virtually all bikes,
car steering wheels and motorcycle handlebars.

In case of dissatisfaction or incompatibility with the
Pully, we refund 100% of the amount paid on the product.

** Free shipping worldwide.

Patent Pending – Vela Bikes LLC

Product Description


  • Weight: 35,0g;
  • Thickness: 14.0mm;
  • Width: 34,0mm;
  • Length: 45,0mm;
  • Base Material: injected ABS with glossy finish;
  • Elastic Material: 100% silicone;
  • Magnet Neodymium N52 Class;
  • Attraction Plate Thickness: 1.5mm;
  • Diameter of Attraction Plate: 40mm;
  • Package Dimensions: 35x45x20mm;
  • Packaging Weight: 50,0g.