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Understanding the Benefits of Using Phase Converters

The three-phase converter’s popularity is because it is the only device that is commonly being used to convert single-phase power to three-phase power. Although converters have been in existence since some time back, technology has caused them to be dependable and cost friendly unlike before. Three phase converters are now in great demand which has caused the companies that design them to also grown in numbers in their bid to match this demand. In this article we will discuss three-phase converter benefits.

If you have a machine or tool which runs on three-phase power and it is on a single-phase power source you should get the converter so that it can generate three-phase power. You will eventually notice that purchasing a converter is a lot economical and an easier solution that buying or rewiring new devices.

It is established in many field-tests and labs that motors, appliances, and tools which run on three-phase electric power a more durable and run much more effectively compared to equipment operating on a single-phase power. A business runs efficiently and saves much money on repair and maintenance. Savings set aside from not having to change equipment regularly is the same as investing to buy a converter.

The two main phase converters are static and rotary. These converters do the same job but in different ways. Rotary phase converters are built the same way as static converter though it has an extra idler motor. The variation makes the efficiency of a rotary converter to be better in three-phase electricity generation as compared to the static converter. A sales person will be able to advise you on the best converter since electrical needs are different from different types of equipment.

A converter can be built using the do-it-yourself (DIY) kit. Always remember that since it is an electricity-based equipment, building a DIY converter is a dangerous task. You risk being shocked or starting a fire when you are constructing a converter on your own. Seek the knowledge of professional electrician before you start this task. Before doing any electrical set-up jobs check with the wiring regulations of your community. Protect yourself more when working on this project by wearing plastic gloves.

There are several electrical supply stores, and others are online where you can buy these static or rotary converters. Make sure you know the real requirements need for your equipment to smoothly operate before you buy if you need a three-phase converter. Go to your brick and mortar supply shop or search the internet to know the right converter suitable for your needs on electrical power.

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